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Smart Parking Project
Curtin University, Perth Campus


July 2019

The Curtin University Smart Parking Project is the largest deployment of an open-air, smart parking solution anywhere in the world! Covering 6,000 parking bays over 28 carparks. The innovative solution was provided by software developer ParKam who engaged InnerVision Engineering to supply and install the equipment required for the solution to work. 

A seamless installation and systems integration was completed by InnerVision Engineering in less than 3 months. This successful large-scale installation within such a short time frame is a testament to our highly skilled team, strong networks and business partners.

The  Project

In 2017, Curtin University identified a need to find a parking solution to improve business efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction.

After trialling several options including in-ground sensors, Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) count, and various forms of video analytics, Curtin University decided on a camera-based, smart-parking solution to be supplied by software developer ParKam.

ParKam's innovative solution could provide:

  • Real-time and historical data on car park occupancy levels using cloud-based image processing, deep machine learning and AI.


  • As the system is designed to overlook an area and not just a specific bay, it could also detect parking violations from users parking in non-designated zones, e.g. bus stops, nature strips, clear zones, etc.


  • The solution is the only one in the world that allows the user turn-by-turn navigation to an available bay through the use of an app, making it quicker and easier to find a park and easing traffic congestion.

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Integrator of Choice


ParKam engaged InnerVision Engineering as the systems integrator for their software solution and the installer of the hardware required to enable the system to work.

The solution required:

  •  260 CCTV cameras installed

  •  75 brand new poles are to be installed throughout the university

  •  7 new communication external cabinets (CECs)

  •  84 (Siklu) Point-multipoint devices

  •  47 battery systems (to be powered at night and then run during the day on 24 Volt)

  •  5 x LED screens on custom-made bases

  •  Lighting

All equipment and hardware were to be supplied by InnerVision. To minimize disruption to the University’s activities, installation parameters were put into place including timelines to complete installation (3 months).

Leading the way in New LED Technology

To successfully meet these parameters and complete a seamless installation of the equipment would take strong project management and an efficiently coordinated effort.

InnerVision were able to supply all equipment required for the project avoiding any delays in installation, and completed installation within the 3 months required and with minimal disruption to staff and students

LED screens and associated custom-built software were also been developed specifically by InnerVision to give this project an innovative edge. With a 6mm pixel pitch for ultra-high resolution, the screens display car park mapping, navigation and dynamic images. The screens could be customized to display information or graphics relevant to a specific location/area i.e. maps, messages, and traffic guidance.

A multi-faceted approach was also taken through the addition of a function that enabled more than one message to run concurrently on the same screen, allowing for the inclusion of advertising space and the potential for an additional revenue stream. Added to this is the impressive lifespan of 100,000 hours and the ability to withstand weather extremes including wind, rain and hail.

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