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About Beyond Park

Beyond Park changes the parking experience for both Users and Operators 

At Beyond Park we understand the importance of a positive parking experience for consumers. Parking is the first and last experience a consumer has at your location, and we all know first impressions count. From entry through to finding an available spot, having a reliable, easy to use and fully integrated parking system can be the difference between a customer deciding to visit your venue over others. Beyond Park offers an all-in-one parking technology solution that is set to change the way parking services are delivered, resulting in greater efficiency in resource management and a better parking experience for users.

Developed by InnerVision Engineering it allows for a true frictionless cashless and ticketless parking solution where users don't need to physically use their mobile while driving. InnerVision has developed an AI based number plate recognition which is cloud-based and learns from every number plate read offering a 99% accuracy.  

Beyond Park Mobile App (Apple / Android) allows the user to choose and direct them from their current location to the carpark of choice. The user will be able to experience the following:

  • Driving route guidance to location with estimated arrival time and voice directions

  • Current availability of the carpark

  • Pricing of the carpark

  • Frictionless entry and exit

Beyond Park App
Beyond Park Australia Parking

User App

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Beyond Park User App
Beyond Park LPR Software Developed by InnerVision Engineering
InnerVision Engineering Help Desk Supporting Beyond Park

Beyond Park provides end users with the ability to plan and navigate their way to a parking facility across Australia, with over 30,000 locations accessible no matter if it's a Beyond Park site.

Beyond Park managed sites allow registered users to experience a complete cashless and frictionless solution.

Users can assess site details which include: opening hours, parking rates, operation hours, height of parking facility, number of bays and much more. 

Beyond Park provides a unique hardware offering which includes boom gates, Beyond Park LPR system, 21.5 inch cashless pay on foot and 21.5 inch cashless exit terminals.

Beyond Park's systems have been developed in-house by InnerVision and are 100% Australian made. With customizability to suit your needs Beyond Park is a secure and stable system that allows operators to reduce the cost of onsite hardware.

IVIE is built for operators. They can manage and adjust
rates of parking, while also getting information on the operations of the location.


Dynamic reporting allows for both real-time and historical data and trends to be accessed easily at any time. Reports can be filtered by date, time, location and more, and can be viewed within the portal or downloaded.


Monitoring your site is easy with real-time monitoring and help desk access though IVIE. 

Complete Parking Management Solution

InnerVision Engineering can supply, install and maintain a complete car parking management solution for clients.

  • Boom Gates

  • Exit Terminal

  • License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)

  • Avaya Cloud Based Intercom 

  • Management Software IVIE

  • CCTV & Security

  • Digital Signage & LED Screens

  • Parking App Beyond Park

  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Beyond Park Hardware

All hardware has been developed by InnerVision Engineering providing a 24month warranty and built for Australian conditions. 

Each hardware system is directly integrated into IVIE and allows for real time monitoring though our Cloud Platform. Its unique abilities to monitor, configure and update all systems through IVIE allows for your site to run hassle free and increases your sites review.   

Beyond Park LPR

BP License Plate Recognition ( LPR) is the first AI cloud based recognition system deployed offering 99% accuracy.

LPR gives parking managers and operators tight control over all the different populations passing through the parking facility gates, directly resulting in:

Increased Revenue, Increased Traffic Throughput, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Carpool Management, and allows you to determine the exact duration of a visit in case of lost tickets.


Other advantages include decreased fraud attempts and blacklisting of license plate numbers to automatically trigger system alerting.

Beyond Park User App

Beyond Park user app allows you to see all carparks that are registered in our system. Users can direct in app to the carpark and enter/ exit the carpark in the first complete frictionless system. 

Benefits include:

Increasing visibility of your car park resources to end-users and therefore increasing the likelihood of them choosing to  attend your carpark by being able to see the carpark details before leaving home.

Increasing the  probability by reducing traffic and providing a positive user experience.  

Beyond Park

Meet IVIE your Cloud Portal

IVIE Cloud Portal allows the user complete control over the facility’s access  and revenue. IVIE's flexible and secure cloud-based system provides complete control with its dynamic dashboard display, user based reporting and data export capabilities, and along with complete revenue control and central credit card reporting through ADVAM. The system provides the ability to maximize vehicle throughput, revenue, access control, data retention and hardware management. 


IVIE is reliable, flexible and feature-rich. With Beyond Park, operators can monitor and control all aspects of their facilities including occupancy, credential usage, equipment status, and lane traffic.

IVIE allows you to easily open / close barrier gates, apply changes to fee structures and look at all your facilities in a holistic view. 

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