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October 2018

InnerVision Engineering recently completed the installation of ParKam's innovative smart parking solution in what is a first for a progressive local council in Victoria.

Wyndham City Council is leading the way in the implementation of smart city solutions within their municipality. They are one of the first local councils in Australia to install a smart parking solution within one of its city carparks. The Westend Carpark is an open-air ground-level car park comprising of 180 parking bays.

The  Project

In September 2017, an expression of interest (EoI) was sought from a range of smart parking solution providers (camera-based, in-ground sensors, IoT networks). ParKam was awarded the contract for their camera-based, image processing solution.

Wyndham Council felt ParKam’s innovative solution had significant advantages over in-ground, sensor-based solutions:

  1. Ten cameras could achieve the same output as 180 ground sensors.

  2. Sensor-based technology has limited battery life and sensors often require ongoing maintenance.


The cost savings to be gained from using ParKam’s solution were therefore quite significant both in terms of installation costs and ongoing maintenance. The full solution also could not just inform on parking availability but the likelihood of finding a car park using information such as time to destination and other vehicles looking for parking spaces.


Smart Parking Installation
Wyndham City Council

Integrator of Choice

ParKam engaged InnerVision Engineering to install the solution. For the most part, existing poles and infrastructure were used. InnerVision supplied and installed 16 CCTV cameras, cabling, POE switches and signal devices to enable the system to work.

Installation of the smart parking technology was completed efficiently within just 4 days. Since then the system has been providing Wyndham Council with extremely useful data regarding parking utilization at the new site.

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