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Swift Drop-Off, Perth Airport

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August 2019

Inner Vision alongside InnerVision has delivered another world first with the installation of the Perth Airport’s “Swift Drop-Off” solution.

 InnerVision Engineering was engaged for the installation of the project including the supply of all equipment and the engineering of custom-built LED screens to power the solution.


The  Project

Airport drop-off zones are notorious for traffic jams and bottlenecks as drivers compete with each other to find a free spot to let their passengers out. ParKam has developed an innovative solution to this problem through the use of image processing and AI-based technology.

How it works:

Real-time information about bay availability is collected via image processing technology and is streamed to drivers through dynamic LED screens which have been developed by InnerVision Engineering. As drivers enter the drop-off zone, they can easily see which spots are vacant up ahead, therefore pushing traffic forward to vacant spaces and enabling traffic to flow much more efficiently.

And that’s not all! The system can also send real-time alerts to enforcement officers in the zone to move vehicles overstaying their welcome right along.

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The Installation

InnerVision completed the installation of the equipment within just 2 days and all while the airport was fully operational.

Due to the area being highly people populated, careful project management and planning were required in regard toregarding traffic management, obtaining permits, and ensuring fall zones were marked and inaccessible to pedestrians.

A 30m Boom Lift was used for the installation, and two types of cameras (Axis and Dahua) were installed onto existing poles due to varying viewing distances being required. All cabling down the poles and the 4G network were also installed.

The solution is currently undergoing its machine-learning phase and InnerVision’s custom-built LED Screens which will power the solution are in the process of being installed. The solution is due to be fully operational by early 2020.

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"InnerVision were certainly pivotal in helping bring our world-class parking solution to life and we would be more than happy to partner with them on future projects.”

Nikki Eylon 
Managing Director ANZ,

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